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Welcome to Urban Arts Studio

Urban Arts Studio started as our desire to be able to go somewhere with a creative perspective that had a one for all welcoming atmosphere.  A melting pot of creative talent in a relaxed setting.


So we created Urban Arts Studio in St Annes a venue where we could bring socialising and creative arts in all forms together under one roof.

As a couple we collectively have an art, design and musical background and have experience in hosting a range of  creative social events.

Urban Arts Studio is a working organic creative space and café bar.  A meeting place for a drink with friends old and new.  An entertainment venue where you can see  new talent in music and arts. We're all about giving  a public platform to the unsung artist whether holding a paint brush, instrument or mic.   

We welcome arts in all forms and  music in all genres,  and pride ourselves on being the Fylde coast alternative events venue. 

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